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Wireless vs. Network Cabling: Is Your Office Ready to Cut the Cord?


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Is wireless technology right for your business?

The majority of office buildings continue to use a conventional Local Area Network (LAN) utilizing wired connections or cables to network computer hardware and printers. Mobile Networks, often referred to as Wi-Fi, however, are increasingly being used as more businesses move in the direction of versatile work spaces that enable their workforce to cut the network cable.

A wireless platform allows staff to roam freely throughout the building while staying linked to the online and linked to the company network. This kind of set up tends to make teamwork and cooperation much easier mainly because co-workers are no longer bound to their particular workstations and can meet in each other’s work areas, meeting areas or even on an outdoor patio beyond their building.

When contemplating whether or not to go with a Wi-Fi system, it’s necessary to consider the costs associated with the two technologies. A hard-wired LAN could be more costly, particularly if you’re cabling a pre-existing structure.  Cabling and wired connections need to be threaded through any walls, ceilings, and partitions. The cost is typically not recoverable, since the wiring is going to be abandoned once you relocate. A standard hard-wired set up will cost you somewhere between $100 and $200 for each person in your office.

A wireless system is less expensive to install, since as the name suggests there aren’t any cables or wires to run. The device needed to develop a wireless platform is moderately priced at approximately $100. Then, each computer or laptop would require a wireless network card which usually costs about $50 each. The benefit of a wireless network is that once your lease expires and you move from your office, the wireless system moves with you.

For most organizations, security and reliability are the most significant challenges in converting to a wireless network. The file encryption standards are regarded by some network experts to be less secure when compared to a typical LAN.

As technologies improve, don’t be surprised to discover a growing number of firms implementing Wi-Fi to reduce networking expenditures as well as to  free employees from their workstations.

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