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Office Relocation Checklist

Office Relocation Checklist

The ultimate office relocation checklist will ensure you never miss another office move deadline. Detailed, chronological task list keeps you on track every step of the way, including:

  • Office Move Timing – Instantly know the timing for starting any moving task. Our relocation checklist tells you when to start and complete each task on your to do list.
  • Vendor Scheduling – Determine which vendors you need for your office move and when to get them involved in the process.
  • Plan Your IT and Networking Needs – Keep track of this critical aspect of your office relocation. These tasks alone will ensure that your network stays up and running during your office move.
  • Know When to Order Office Furniture – Don’t wait to the last minute to determine your office furniture needs. Not having furniture delivered on-time can derail your move.
  • Last-minute Office Relocation Details – Rally the troops on moving day with our detailed “day of the move” task list.
  • After the Move Wrap-Up – Important tasks occur after the move that can affect your entire lease term. Make sure you don’t miss a beat.
  • Our interactive form lets you check the boxes off as you go!
  • Every task you’ll need to perform is here – more than 150 of the critical tasks you will need to complete for a successful office move.


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"Whether moving across town or across the street, the Office Relocation Planner will make any business relocation smoother." - The Indianapolis Business Journal