Make Your Next Office Move Your Best Move!

Is it Time to For Your Company to Make an Office Move?


Why You May Want to Consider an Office Move

Office MoveMore than 850,000 companies will consider an office move during the next twelve months, according to the Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute.  Moving to a new office provides a unique opportunity for companies to break old habits and make significant improvements in day-to-day operations.

Many businesses have found that an office move is the perfect time to reevaluate every aspect of a company’s productivity and efficiency.  Even if your business is moving across the street, remember that implementing new procedures is easier when it occurs with a change in environment.

“Employers tend to look at a move as an opportunity for a fresh start, oftentimes, however, employees dread making a change”, says Karen Warner, corporate relocation consultant and author of the Office Relocation Planner.   Participation is the key to keeping moral high during the relocation process.   Warner suggests forming a moving committee including a team leader from each department.  “People are more likely to be accepting of a move, if they have a role in the change”, says Warner.

A move is also a good time to reassess your office space requirements.   Take advantage of the latest trends in workplace design, such as including more open office areas and reducing the number of private offices. Small changes in your office layout can reap large benefits. Studies have shown that workers express a greater level of satisfaction and are more productive in a well-designed office.

Additionally, many offices could save up to 10% of their square footage needs simply by purging unnecessary files and disposing of obsolete equipment.  Designing your space for maximum efficiency can mean a radical improvement to the bottom line.

Most importantly, hire an experienced architect or office space planner to help you navigate the design process.

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