Make Your Next Office Move Your Best Move!

Download the Office Relocation Checklist

Stay organized and on track throughout the entire office moving process with an office relocation checklist. Download our free 15-Point Checklist for Moving Your Office and start planning your office relocation today.

Preliminary project planning – 6 months prior to move
  • Select a move committee and determine your timeframe
  • Establish your office relocation budget
  • Determine how many square feet of office space your business needs
  • Conduct a survey of available offices spaces in your area that fit your requirements
Office Space, Furniture, IT and Communication – 4 months prior to move
  • Choose your new office space, negotiate the lease
  • Assess IT needs, plan IT infrastructure
  • Evaluate computers, phone system, office equipment and furniture
  • Research and order new equipment, phone system and furnishings
Moving Logistics – 1 to 2 months prior to move
  • Establish moving date
  • Interview moving vendors
  • Determine plan for communicating new location to customers and vendors
  • Contract with moving vendor
  • Order moving boxes and supplies
Final Office Moving Details – 2 weeks prior to move
  • Receive moving boxes and begin packing office contents
  • Make arrangements to disconnect and connect utilities in old and new spaces
  • Color code and label packed boxes
  • Request keys or access cards for new space
Moving Day!
  • Distribute keys and welcome package to each employee
  • Provide employee contact list, emergency contact info, building resources and nearby amenities
  • Perform walk-through to assess missing items, or damage that may require an insurance claim
Post Move – 1 to 2 weeks after move
  • Schedule phone system training
  • File insurance claims
  • Prepare punch list for any unfinished construction items and/or moving damage
  • Plan open house

DOWNLOAD the 15-Point Checklist for Moving Your Office for more detailed information.