Make Your Next Office Move Your Best Move!

Win the Office Leasing Game: Get Representation

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Tips for office leasing success Moving a business to its next level of success can sometimes mean literally moving—to a bigger or better office space, opening up opportunities for growing your customer base or boosting your business’s curb appeal. The bad news is that finding the best location, the right space, and the best office […]

Why Use a Tenant Representative when Leasing Office Space

The value of having an experienced tenant representative acting on your behalf The cost of leasing office space is one of a business’s biggest expenses, in most cases second only to payroll. Getting the best value for that huge expenditure is critical. Also, office location, the amount of space, and the way that space is […]

Is Your Business Ready to Buy Office Space?

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In decades past, it was unusual for businesses to own their office real estate. The exceptions were doctors and dentists, who often converted their homes or parts of their homes into office space. But in today’s market, more and more businesses—law firms, advertising agencies, and financial planning companies, to name a few—are choosing to buy […]

Finding The Right Furnishings

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Work with an experienced furniture vendor or office design consultant to develop an overall plan. Sticking to the big picture helps make sure the pieces fit together. Keep ergonomics in mind for seating and desktop options. It protects the health, safety, and comfort of your staff and can help prevent work-related medical claims. For maximum […]

How Much Office Space Does Your Business Need?

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Determining how much office space square footage your business requires is an essential aspect of the office move process. There are several different methods to calculate this; the simplest is to base your office space square footage requirement on the number of employees in your office. Experts estimate that you need 200 to 250 square […]

What Does Base Year Mean In An Office Lease?

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In order for landlord’s to keep their rental income somewhat steady, the base year method has gained popularity and appears in most full-service commercial leases. The base year concept is fairly simple: the first year a tenant occupies their space is usually set as the base year. Until December 31 of your base year, all […]