Make Your Next Office Move Your Best Move!

Wireless vs. Network Cabling: Is Your Office Ready to Cut the Cord?

wireless office

Is wireless technology right for your business? The majority of office buildings continue to use a conventional Local Area Network (LAN) utilizing wired connections or cables to network computer hardware and printers. Mobile Networks, often referred to as Wi-Fi, however, are increasingly being used as more businesses move in the direction of versatile work spaces […]

Top Strategies for Your Office Lease Renewal: How to Negotiate with Your Landlord

Negotiate with your landlord before signing an office lease renewal contract It is always beneficial to stimulate competition by negotiating simultaneously with more than one landlord; in the case of an office lease renewal, it is imperative. Were you to negotiate solely with your present landlord, you could create a perception that you are a […]

Is it Time to For Your Company to Make an Office Move?

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More than 850,000 companies will consider an office move during the next twelve months, according to the Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute. Moving to a new office provides a unique opportunity for companies to break old habits and make significant improvements in day-to-day operations.

The Hidden Cost in Your Office Lease

office lease base year

Once a year, typically during the 1st quarter, tenants with full-service commercial real estate leases that include pass-through expenses will receive an Operating Expense statement from their landlord. The operating expense statement will reflect the tenant’s obligation to pay its share of increases in the operational costs of the building. Here’s a basic explanation of operating expenses and […]

Calculating Office Space Rent

How is office space rent calculated? Rents for office space are typically quoted per square foot, on an annual or monthly basis. In other words, a quoted rent of $18.00/SF annually means the rent paid will be $18.00 per year per square foot. To calculate annual and monthly rent figures just take the size of […]

The Office Leasing and Relocation Process

How to attain the ideal office for your business Determine Your Needs How much space do you require? What type of building fits your business? What is your preferred geographic location? Establish your rental expense budget. Identify Potential Properties A thorough market survey of available properties meeting your requirements will be provided. List is narrowed […]