Make Your Next Office Move Your Best Move!

Is Your Business Ready for New Office Space?

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Businesses move to new office space for many reasons. Whatever the reason, it better be compelling because moving is a complex process.

Finding the Right Moving Company to Move Your Office

The time has come to move your office. Make the transition to your company’s new home easier by hiring the right people to carry all the freight. This doesn’t have to be a painful experience. After all, there are plenty of moving companies out there. Making a choice can’t be all that hard, right? On the contrary, […]

10 Must Haves For Your Next Office Space

Considering a move into a new office space? Maybe your business has blossomed and needs more space, or you simply need a change of venue to impress clients and attract talent. Time to dream of new amenities or a better location — the possibilities seem endless.   Be prepared to minimize anxiety and stress for […]

Types Of Office Space Rental Rates

What do NNN, FS, FSEJ, and MG stand for? These acronyms refer to the way that building operating expenses are paid for. The components that make up operating expenses include property taxes, common area maintenance, property insurance, utilities and janitorial service. The most common types of leases are: NNN (triple net) – the tenant pays […]

Tenant Representation FAQ’s

Why does my company need a tenant representative? Landlords and their representatives negotiate leases on a daily basis, while the typical business tenant does so once every three to five years, if ever. Given those odds, who do you think will come out ahead at the bargaining table? Engaging a tenant representative ensures that your […]

Landlord vs. Tenant: Why You Need Tenant Representation

tenant representative

Why tenant representation is crucial to getting the best lease possible Driving around town, anywhere you find vacant office, industrial or retail space you’ll also find a sign emblazoned with the company and contact information for one real estate broker or another. These brokers represent building owners, but there’s another type of commercial real estate broker […]