Make Your Next Office Move Your Best Move!


Real estate spin-off publishes office relocation guide

Whether moving across town or across the street, officials at Vision Publications say they have a blueprint that will make any business relocation smoother.

The Office Relocation Planner aims to help companies with a variety of issues related to moving, including strategic facility location and lease negotiation, finding the right moving companies, infrastructure and set-up for information technology and telecommunications, arrangement of office equipment and computers, systems furniture, and other miscellaneous items.

Vision Publications began publishing the Office Relocation Planner in December. Since February, more than 150 copies of the 57-page manual have been sold, primarily through the Internet. The guide is sold online through,, and through the company’s own Web site at Vision Publications officials hope to have the guide sold through bookstores later this year.

“There are tons of resources on how to move your home, but moving your business is entirely different,” said Karen Warner, Vision Publications president. “This is a task-oriented book that helps companies go through the process of making the physical move.” The Office Relocation Planner takes business officials step-by-step through eight separate moving topics. The guide notes “key considerations” of all important facets of moving and offers a checklist, including a timetable for completing the logistics.

Warner said that she came up with the idea for the book after many of her real estate clients began asking for such a resource. “Most of the other books that deal with this topic talk about the backlash of plant closings and layoffs, and hiring at the new facility,” Warner said. “The majority of businesses just want to know how to get from point A to point B.”

Wayne Heus, regional vice president for BI Performance Services, said the guide helped his company deal with “all the little things you don’t think about” during a recent move to Woodfield Crossing on Indianapolis’ north side. “It’s so thorough, you don’t miss any important steps, and it helps you with the timing of those steps,” Heus said.

Heus also said using the guide made the move simpler, letting company managers focus on conducting business. “We’re so confident everything was done, it made the process much less stressful,” he said.